Why Carmichael?

At CarmichaelUK we take pride in being different to other recruitment agencies. With many of our recruiters coming from engineering and construction backgrounds, we have experienced your roles first hand, making us better able to work with you in sourcing the right vacancies for you.

We spoke to Joel, a CarmichaelUK contractor on his time working with us.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

We believe that equality, diversity, and inclusion is about treating people fairly, creating a level playing field in terms of opportunity, and appreciating different views and attitudes.  It means ensuring that there are no discriminatory practices or effects on any group of people arising from our actions or systems. At CarmichaelUK we are committed to enhancing our recruitment practices both internally and with our clients to ensure our recruitment practices are inclusive and remove any barriers for candidates with difference.  We welcome applications from all.  We embrace the positivity that diverse recruitment brings.

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