Project Update: Deephams Sewage Works

This project takes us to Edmonton where a major upgrade to Deephams Sewage Works is taking place. The £250m works are urgently needed to develop an improved treatment process while continuing to treat the 209,000 tonnes of sewage that arrives at the works each day, a number that can increase to over 1.3 million tonnes during heavy rainfall – enough to fill 520 Olympic swimming pools!

The project also plans to create:

  • 99 per cent improvement in odour reduction
  • 300 weeks of apprenticeship employment
  • 200 weeks of local training
  • 53,000 tonnes of concrete demolished, reprocessed and reused on site

Part of the Upgrade will be to replace the large tanks used during the three main stages of the treatment process and upgrade the sites mechanical and electrical equipment and will complete by late 2018.

We've already placed engineers on this project and if you'd like to know more or if you're interested in any potential forthcoming roles, chat to Penelope Ware.