Video: Hinkley Point C is taking shape

Darren Scott

October 9, 2017

Construction work at the new nuclear power plant in Somerset continues at pace with more than 1,900 workers involved in building the project on the Bristol Channel coastline. Despite announcements of potential delays and budget overruns, the amount of work on site is a clear sign of progress. Hinkley Point C’s lead investor, EDF is working with its Chinese partner, China General Nuclear Power Corp which is investing £6billion into the project and both are positive about the relationship having worked together at the Taishan nuclear power station in Guangdong province, southern China which is expected to be completed next year.

In addition to Hinkley’s significance as a pioneering project, it is also a landmark for China’s nuclear industry. CGN’s contribution isn’t just about money and also includes technical and programme implementation. EDF will also be working with CGN on the Bradwell B nuclear plant in Essex.

Zheng Dongshan, chief executive officer of General Nuclear International said “Our partnership with EDF benefits both sides. We support them financially and technically at Hinkley, and they will help us to implement the Hua-long Pressurised Reactor 1000 at Bradwell.”

Hinkley will be the first new nuclear plant to be built in Britain since the 1990s and will supply 7% of the country’s electricity when completed in 2025. It will also be a central part of Britain’s efforts to replace and phase out ageing power stations.

The site will be the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK. The planned twin-unit reactor is capable of generating 3,260MW of secure, low carbon electricity for 60 years. That’s enough to power around 6 million UK homes!

With 25,000 job opportunities and over 5,600 people expected to work on the site during core construction, the multi-billion pound investment project is going to need a lot of skilled people and we’re currently recruiting a number of Engineers and Sub-Agents to help build the roads and networks into the power station. To find out more and apply for these roles, click here or call Dan Power on 01844 212058.

Featured Image: Reading Tom
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