Top Tips when taking the leap to Aus/NZ!

Mirren Dougan

May 11, 2018

CarmichaelUK has been operating in Australia since 2005 and throughout this time we have been able to place over 2,500 candidates back into the Australian market using our specialist knowledge of projects and our established relationship with our overseas clients.

We want our candidates to be placed into the best roles to suit them; this is why we’re keen to broaden your job scope across the globe. We’re able to send our UK candidates across to Australia and New Zealand to work on major projects. Australia is currently experiencing a skill shortage, our Candidates have the experience and skill sets to walk straight into work once abroad.

These are our Top Tips for those getting ready to take the leap:

1. Get a Visa! This will be your number one priority before you do anything, there are a number of different Visa’s available so ensure you’re applying for the correct one for you.

2. Put all important paperwork in a travel file, including birth and marriage certificates, mortgage and bank statements, your driver’s license and any insurance policy documents you have. It’s useful to have electronic copies also!

3. If you need medication, make sure you have enough to last until you find a new doctor in Australia.

4. Close your UK bank accounts. You may want to leave one account open for any last minute banking within the UK.

5. Finalise and close any ongoing accounts such as broadband or mobile phone contracts. Make sure you’ve supplied a forwarding address for the final statements.

6. Cancel your insurances where relevant such as house and car. Also, review your life insurance – check if it’s valid overseas!

7. If you’re intending to rent, make sure you’ve budgeted for at least 6-8 weeks rent as most rental properties require four weeks deposit as well as monthly payments in advance. It’s also a good idea to obtain a reference letter.

8. Take a coat! Although not as often, it still rains in Australia!

Our consultants can help and advise you on how to apply for the correct VISA for working abroad, 35% of our office and site-based workforce come from Australia and New Zealand and are always keen to talk to candidates about what it’s like to work overseas.

If you’re looking for:

  • Work in Australia and you’re from the UK or Ireland
  • Work in the UK and you’re from Australia or New Zealand

Then contact us on +44 208 522 8888 or email Australia@carmichaeluk.com