TOP TIPS for Working from Home

Mirren Dougan

March 24, 2020

We appreciate that no all careers allow for home working, unfortunately, but for those of you who can and are working from home we have devised our top tips on how to prepare your day and keep motivated:

P – Plan. Write a to-do list for your day but remember to not be too hard on yourself if you can’t action everything on your list. Working from home is very different from working from your usual office and therefore can slow your pace of work.

R – Routine. Why not set yourself a routine to keep you motivated and thinking clearly throughout the day. Maybe that involves setting a structured lunch or snack time, whatever works for you!

E – Exercise. It’s too easy to get carried away while working from home and before you know it it’s dinner time and you haven’t left your desk since 8 am. Maybe try something new, a simple YouTube Yoga routine or even just go for a walk.

P – Prioritise. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Prioritise your most important daily tasks and allow yourself enough time to get things done effectively and efficiently, but most importantly don’t beat yourself up if tasks are taking longer than normal!

A – Avoid Social Media where possible. It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of memes and Tik Tok videos. Try your best to limit your daily screentime to reduce stress

R – Reach out. Don’t feel like you need to sit in silence all day, why not arrange a team webcam meeting, or even just a virtual coffee catch up to break up the day.

E – Eat well and stay hydrated. A healthy balanced diet and keeping hydrated is key. While we’re spending more time at home it’s the perfect opportunity to get into the swing of meal prepping or trying out new recipes.