Spotlight on: Jovana Kujovic at Thames Tideway

Ellena Tangi

October 27, 2017

The Thames Tideway project or the “Super Sewer” as its otherwise known will see a 25km (16 miles) tunnel running through the tidal section of London’s River Thames. The project started in 2016 and after its projected completion in 2023, will provide capture, storage, and transportation of almost all the combined raw sewage and rainwater discharges that currently overflow into the river.

London’s sewage network is long overdue an upgrade. In 1859, Sir Joseph Bazalgette designed London a sewerage system to capture both rainwater runoff and the sewage produced by four million people.  By 2012, London’s population had expanded to approximately 8 million and was in desperate need of a new sewage system. Tideway workers have dug a hole with a 30m diameter, the same size as St Paul’s Cathedral’s dome, which marks the central point of a new 16-mile tunnel. The sewer will be split into three parts: east, central and west sections and it’s expected that Tideway will create nearly 5000 sustainable jobs and see almost 20,000 people working on the project in total. This includes aiming for one in every 50 workers to be an apprentice, one in every 100 to be an ex-offender, and to have a 50:50 male-female split on the client team. CarmichaelUK has already placed a number of Senior and Site Engineers on this project.

Last week we paid a visit to one of the Thames Tideway East sites, to meet a CarmichaelUK new starter.  Jovana Kujovic started with us 2 weeks ago, as a Marine Engineer at TTTE (Thames Tideway East); she has over six years of post-graduate experience in the marine and civil construction industry.

After studying for her degree in Australia, Jo took some time out to travel before taking the plunge and moving to London, putting her experience to use. Currently working at the King Edward Memorial Park site in Wapping, we asked Jo what it was like as a female engineer on site:

“It’s great! I’m not treated any differently on site because I’m a woman. The construction industry has a name for being sexist and not treating women with equal respect, but in my time in the industry working in the UK and Australia, I can honestly say I have never encountered any issues. We’re all here to work together to get the job done.”

At CarmichaelUK we’re dedicated to ensuring our candidates overseas have a smooth arrival process. Over the last twenty years, we have placed thousands of overseas candidates in civil engineering roles, not just in London, but throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland.

We understand that the decision and preparation of moving can be daunting, our New Arrivals team has been established to assist you from the point of first contact, through your registration process and on to your chosen role.  When asked how she found the arrivals process:

CarmichaelUK made the transition so easy for me. Their arrivals team ensured I knew exactly where and what I was to do on my first day, as well as making sure I had everything I needed to start and was happy. More people need to know about this whole process and how easy CarmichaelUK make it”.

Our new arrival pack includes information on UK construction terminology, health and safety procedures and how you’ll be paid. We even have our own in-house CSCS testing facility and we can arrange for you to take the test when you come for your meeting after arriving in the UK.

For more information about how we can help make working in the UK easier for you, email our team at arrivals@carmichaeluk.com.