Service leavers, the construction industry needs you!

Darren Scott

October 24, 2017

Each year, around 14,000 skilled and experienced military personnel will leave the Armed Forces and one of the first things on their mind will be finding work as a civilian. What they might not realise is how those skills could be transferred to the construction industry and as a skills gap grows in the UK, employing ex-forces personnel can help close it.

CarmichaelUK Business Manager Lee Spiers is a former Commando and now leads our Ex-forces Recruitment programme. Lee enlisted in the British Army when he was 25, joining the Royal Artillery and going on to join 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery and earning the converted green beret. Lee told us: “Ex-service personnel often have many of the attributes and skills employers are looking for – discipline, leadership, and perseverance. But a significant proportion of those who leave the Armed Forces struggle to reintegrate and move into employment. Being ex-forces, myself, I understand how difficult it can be for leavers to adjust and find a civilian role, so I’m passionate about being able to help.”

With over 200 trades in the British Army alone, many veterans are trained and experienced in a range of technical roles, including engineering, project management, transport, logistics and communications. All of these are transferable to the construction industry. “Service leavers have unique qualities too”, says Lee. “They know the value of teamwork better than anyone; they have excellent problem-solving, organisational and strategic skills and the industry needs to do more to market itself towards these people and make them aware of how their skills could match up. For instance, I’m recruiting right now for a Fleet Manager, a role which could be easily filled by a former Motor Transport Warrant Officer or Regimental Fleet Manager. Likewise, an ex-member of the QM Dept could become a Logistics Manager with one our clients.”

CarmichaelUK is committed to helping service leavers reintegrate into successful civilian careers, if you have left the forces or are approaching the end of your service, get in touch to talk about transferring your skills to a new career within the construction industry. We have already helped a number of ex-Forces personnel to find a new career in construction and the response from our clients to these people has been overwhelmingly positive. Drop an email to Lee or call him on 01844 212058.