Ellena Tangi

January 29, 2018

The construction of Hinkley Point C in Somerset continues to make good progress with over 2,000 workers on site each day. Two concrete batching plants have now been completed, which allows production of up to 2,000 tonnes of concrete on site, each day. Throughout its 10 year construction, Hinkley Point C will:

  • Create over 25,000 employment opportunities
  • Provide great opportunities for local, national and international businesses
  • Bring lasting benefits to communities throughout the South West

The planned twin-unit reactor is capable of generating 3,260MW of secure, low carbon electricity for 60 years. That’s enough to power around 6 million UK homes!

More recently, Sedgemoor District Council members visited the site to have a preview of the new purpose-built accommodation units which are being constructed by EDF Energy to house 1,500 workers for the Hinkley Point C project.

With eight different sites of construction at Hinkley Point, the project is much bigger than you might think. From Onsite accommodation to Park & Rides and freight Management Centres.

The construction and operations at Hinkley have created and is continuing to create various opportunities across a broad range of occupations, not just in construction and engineering. When complete, it will have an expected workforce of 900 people to run the Power station throughout its 60-year operation!

We’re currently recruiting a number of roles at HPC including Site and Section Engineers and Sub Agents to help build the roads and networks into the power station. To find out more and apply for these roles, click here or call Dan Power on 01844 212058.

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