Our top 5 questions for your next job interview

Mirren Dougan

March 19, 2018

It’s always a good idea to have a few key questions prepared before you go into an interview to give you a better impression of the role you’ve applied for and what the company is like to work for. Not only is asking questions beneficial for your own knowledge, it also helps the employer get a better understanding of your particular interests within the role. We’ve come up with our own top 5 questions you should be thinking about asking your potential new employer:

  1. Can you tell me more about the day to day objectives and responsibilities of this role?

This is your opportunity to learn as much as possible about the vacancy this will help you decide if it’s the right job for you. Alongside this it should give you an appropriate time to outline your key skills, allow you to refer to past work you’ve done and how you could apply the skills you already have to the role you’re applying for.

  1. Could you describe the working environment and company culture to me?

This will give you better first hand knowledge of how the company works with their employees, any benefits or perks that may come with the job (e.g. a healthcare policy) and what the work/life balance will be while you’re in the role. Not only does it help you have a better understanding but it also gives the employer a chance to highlight parts of the job that they perceive to be a selling point that may not have been evident on the advertisement.

  1. What are the biggest opportunities facing the company right now?

A brilliant question for you to get an outline of potential future projects you could be on and to give you an overview of the growth of the business. This therefore tells you where your career could be heading next, if the business has a successful future ahead of them and whether the types of projects the company works with suit your needs.

  1. Are there any opportunities to develop my current skills and learn new ones within this role?

Not only does this question show the employer that you have a willingness to learn, it also tells them you possess a current set of skills that they desire. This is beneficial for you as it gives you the chance to lay out the skills you already have that make you a good fit for the role.

  1. What date will work be completed for the current project?

Asking about the future of the project is always handy for you to know, this means that if the project is due to go on for a period of 1 year then you know when your contract will be likely to come to an end. Equally, if the position is a permanent role then you know which date you are likely to be moved onto your next project. Remember however to do your research into the job role first, as this may already be answered within the job description and you don’t want to ask questions you already have the answer to!

Remember to pay attention, if they’ve already answered one of the questions within the interview then there’s no sense in still asking the question, it’s best not to repeat things you’ve already covered! If you’re currently looking for a permanent or contract job in construction, rail or highways you can upload you CV to us here.