Comic book challenges disability

Darren Scott

October 18, 2017

Inspired by his daughter’s joy for life, Dan White gave up his job last year to pursue an ambition he’s held since Emily was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus – to create a comic book of disabled superheroes whose disabilities become their superpowers.

In the book, Emily becomes the chief of the Department of Ability leading the gang into adventures and defeating baddies. “When Emily was born I realised there was nothing really relevant to her and that’s when I dreamt up the idea of cartoon characters with disabilities who use those disabilities as superpowers and is completely accessible to everyone.” Says Dan who had no choice but to give up his job in order to make his comic book dream become a reality. “My initial ambitions were just to see Emily read but then I saw the power of it getting bigger.”

Dan and Emily were nominated for the disability category at the National Diversity Awards this year and next year they plan to set up a foundation to support a wide range of society that needs help. Their first comic book has now been commissioned by Strongbones Children Charitable Trust and will be released in 2018.