Celebrating the Hummingbird!

Ellena Tangi

January 5, 2018

Its National Bird Day today and we’re celebrating by paying homage to our own green hummingbird.

What has a hummingbird got to do with engineering, construction or recruitment you may ask? Well, the idea came from a programme on the television which showed the characteristics of a hummingbird, it was from that programme that the idea for our logo was born.

The more we found out about the hummingbird the more we admired it and found likeliness between the bird and our company. Its such a small bird but its work ethic is phenomenal, it is so determined and just never gives up. It can flap its wings at over 50 times per second, as it goes about its business. Just like the relationship that Carmichaeluk enjoys with its candidates, the hummingbird has a very personal relationship with its flowers! They know where the best nectar is and it has adapted its beak to go right in and collect it. It even knows how long it takes for the nectar to refill.  A bird that like us, understands its industry.

Just like the hummingbird, we are specialists and experts at what we do. We’re small, agile, and perfect at sounding out the needs of our clients and candidates.

At Carmichaeluk we are exceptionally proud to be a part of the construction industry and we are determined to work as hard as the hummingbird to help even more candidates to be the best they can.

Featured Image: The Guardian UK