CarmichaelUK Sponsors a new Hearing Dog Puppy

Ellena Tangi

January 12, 2018

Rod and Collette Carmichael have recently paid another visit to the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People HQ in Saunderton, to meet volunteers and sponsor a puppy to support the amazing work they do.

The charity trains dogs to alert deaf people to sounds they would otherwise miss – simple sounds that many people take for granted, for example, the doorbell, alarm clock and even danger signals like the fire alarm. Being aware of these, thanks to a hearing dog, makes a real difference to a deaf person’s life. Being deaf can be a lonely and isolating disability. A hearing dog can give a deaf person a newfound sense of independence and confidence now they have a loyal companion and a true friend by their side.

Casper, CarmichaelUK’s first sponsored Hearing Dog has now graduated from training and is working at his new home in Taunton, Somerset helping a deaf person in their everyday life. We hope this success continues to our new puppy, Cooper, who was born on the 26th October.

At two months old, Cooper currently lives with his socialisers where he will stay for up to 16 months. Socialising is the first stage in their training to becoming a fully pledged Hearing Dog.  In this time the puppy’s socialiser volunteers will provide a secure home for the puppy, teach them all the basic obedience they’ll need as a working dog and attend weekly puppy classes at Hearing Dog HQ. Puppy socialisers are a fundamental part of the training process and dedicate a lot of their time to training a new pup.

We’ll keep you up to date with how Cooper is getting on through his journey. In the meantime, if you would like to know more about Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and how you can support them you can click here.