Sponsored Pup Chosen for Hearing Dogs Breeding Programme

Darren Scott

September 29, 2017

It was almost a year ago that we first introduced you to Jasmine, who along with Casper is one of CarmichaelUK’s sponsored dogs at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Jasmine is a golden cocker spaniel – one of the breeds commonly used by the charity as they respond well to the demands of life as a hearing dog and we’re pleased to be able to share her progress.

Jasmine is now 13 months old and she has nearly completed her 4-star training programme which means she has spent a lot of time recently, perfecting her sound training. At this stage, pups usually begin the matching process, where they are assigned to a deaf recipient at the charity, however, Jasmine has been selected to enter the breeding scheme as a brood. Jasmine has been chosen for this important role as she has been outstanding in her training, achieving all her targets with ease. She is a happy, obedient and loving dog and her calm nature means she’s a wonderful choice for the programme and hopefully, she’ll become the proud mum of many puppies.

Jo Wengler is from the charity and told us “The Hearing Dogs breeding programme is an important part of the process to create the hearing dogs of the future and we breed our own puppies or source them from reputable, certified breeders. We work hard to ensure that our breeding stock is well cared for and have the right temperament and qualities to create potential hearing dogs. Jasmine will continue to practise her skills, along with agility and retrieving games.

CarmichaelUK is proud to support Hearing Dogs for Deaf People through sponsorship of Jasmine and Casper. Click here to learn more about the amazing work that the charity does.