Carmichael UK Business Manager Steve on working in Australia

Ellena Tangi

February 9, 2018

An average of 240 days of sunshine a year, accessible visas and better pay – just some of the reasons that Australia is a popular destination amongst Brits looking to relocate elsewhere.  With that in mind, it’s no wonder many popular Australian cities came amongst the best places to live in recent polls.

Still, many of our CarmichaelUK recruiters have left the sunshine and moved to the UK. We asked our Business Manager Steve Castle a few questions about why you should move to Australia and what jobs are on offer in the construction and engineering industry.

 Why should people move to Australia?

As hard as it is to stay away from the usual answers, I’m going to say them (because it is true). The main reasons for people moving to Australia are to do with the climate, the low population density and the higher salaries. Whether you like the coast or being out in the country, the one thing all those places have in common is sunshine and warm weather for most of the year!

Australia has only 2.66 people per km2 compared to 248.25km2 in the UK. In the cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, this isn’t really noticeable, however, if you hop on a train or drive for an hour, you start to see a lot more space, larger properties and loads of wildlife.

Salaries are higher in Australia and depending on where you live this can make the standard of living there very comfortable. The exchange rate also suits people travelling from the UK to Australia, so having a combination of British pounds and a decent salary in Australia and you’re laughing!

What jobs are there in the construction and engineering industry in Australia for people looking to move?

The Construction and engineering industry is busy in Australia with a lot of major projects taking place or starting in 2018, it’s a great time to make the move, and have the security of a well-paid job. From the UK to Australia, all of your skills are valid and construction workers and engineers are in demand. As a potential migrant, the best place to start is taking a look at each states Skilled Occupations List, every state has different requirements due to the work that is going on there.  Some of the projects coming up in Australia are:

Many people think making the move to Australia can be tricky due to visa restrictions; can you shed some light on to how to apply?

If you have skills or qualifications that are in demand in Australia you can apply for a skilled visa via Skillselect.  These visas are accessible by the Australian Government or nominated by a state/ territory government or employer.  Alternatively, if you’re aged 18-30 you can apply for a working holiday visa, which is valid for up to a year, allowing you to work whilst in Australia. CarmichaelUK‘s new arrivals process is there to make the whole process easier, so if you’re thinking about migrating, let us know. There’s lots of guidance and help out there, The Government website is a good place to start!

To work on site in Australia do you need specific certifications?

In Australia, it is compulsory that you have a White Card before you can work on a construction site. The White Card is a nationally recognised card (similar to a CSCS), and you can only get it by successfully finishing the “Work safely in the construction industry” induction course. It also may be necessary that you have your skills and qualifications formally recognised, similar to the UK Naric. There are different Registered Training organisations that can help you out with this.

What do you miss about home now you’re living in the UK?

Being originally from inland New South Wales and growing up in Canberra, the things I miss most about Australia would have to be the space, fresh air and blue skies out there. It’s super busy here wherever you go…and cold!

Finally, what’s the next step for those looking to live and work in Australia?

CarmichaelUK has a long and successful history in Australia, we’ve supplied many constructions and engineering professionals into the Aussie market, and often have available vacancies. If you’re considering a move to Australia or you’re returning home and ready to look at options for work, fill in this form and a member of our team will be in touch.