Black History Month – 2 Revolutionary Black Engineers

Joe Carmichael

October 15, 2019

Black History
Month is an annual celebration, recognising and valuing the inspirational
individuals and events from within the BME communities. Black History Month in
the UK is recognised during the month of October. The month is essential in
helping to promote learning and contributing to community cohesion. We’re
joining the celebrations by looking at the huge contributions black people have
made to the engineering and STEM industry.

Howard P. Grant

Howard Grant was the first black graduate of the University Of California Berkeley College Of Engineering. Born in 1925, he went on to become the first black engineer for his city and the county of San Francisco. In his role, he addressed water engineering issues. He the first recorded black member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He also founded the California Council of Black Professional Engineers.

George Biddle Kelley

George Biddle Kelley

In 1908, George Biddle Kelley graduated from Cornell University’s
College of Civil Engineering. He became the first African-American engineer
registered in the state of New York. Among other things, he was employed by the
New York Engineering Department. He worked on the Barge Canal (a collection of
state waterways) during the 1920s. His legacy remains through the George Biddle
Kelley scholarship,
which aims to mentor and provide educational funds for socioeconomically
disadvantaged males in upstate New York.

DID YOU KNOW: Black men and women make up less than 3% of scientists and engineers?

Black History Month runs until the 31st October, and will celebrate and highlight the achievements and contributions of the black community in the UK. The BHM website contains information, features and events.

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