A pupdate from Cooper

Ellena Tangi

May 15, 2018

At the start of the year, we introduced you to Cooper, our newest and third Hearing Dog Puppy. Now at 6 months old he’s a little bigger than before and is as cute as ever!

Cooper lives with his socialiser Clare and has already passed his 2-star award, perfecting commands such as

  •  Sit and wait
  •  Heelwork and recall
  •  ‘Leave it’ – an important aspect of impulse control
  •  How to play nicely with humans
  •  How to settle – which is important for when hearing dogs are out and about with their recipient.
  •  Meeting new people and dogs

He has recently received his ‘puppy in training jacket’ and has qualified for this well before expected. Clare said “Cooper is well behaved and walks nicely on the lead. He enjoys going into shops and travelling in the car. Cooper’s best friend is Hunter who he lives with. He is learning many things from Hunter, including a ‘Nose Nudge’. Living with another Trainee Hearing Dog has really advanced Cooper. He really enjoys playing with other dogs and always comes quickly when he is called. He is a lovely dog and easy to live with.”

Cooper is now working towards his Puppy Three Star. This is the stage where we focus on building on what the puppy has already learned in the puppy two stars. Think of it like the years of secondary school for us humans, where we are given the opportunity to make decisions for ourselves and build upon the education we’ve already had.

Scroll down to see Cooper showing off his new tricks!









To acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Week, our offices invited staff to bring their dogs into the office for the day to encourage good mental health, wellbeing and help to address their stress!

Our office spent the day with Rocky a Beagle cross Jack Russell and had a visit from Cooper himself. Medical research and observation going back over two centuries have established that there are health and well-being benefits of being around animals. Studies show that interactions with animals can decrease stress in humans.

This is the second time we have invited our four-legged friends into the office. Our staff noticeably spent time during the day away from the desk to play with the pups, which took away the Monday blues.

Here’s Cooper showing off a few of his new tricks!

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