5 of the strangest things found on construction sites

Ellena Tangi

October 31, 2017

Drilling and digging around can often lead to surprises…but not all of them are the kind you’d want! We’ve found five strange things that construction workers unearthed on the job.

A 33ft Anaconda

Where: Brazil

When:  September 2016

A giant snake measuring 10m long was discovered on a construction site in Altamira, Para, in northern Brazil. Workers on the Belo Monte Dam site found the anaconda after they carried out a controlled explosion in a cave on site. The Belo Monte Dam is a hydroelectric dam complex under construction on the Xingu River.  The snake’s body measures a whopping one metre in diameter.

A 700- year-old mummy

Where: China

When: 2011

A construction crew working on a road in Taizhou in eastern China found what was described as a “very well-preserved mummified woman”.  She was said to be a member of the Ming Dynasty (a ruling dynasty of China) and was found in a tomb, submerged in a brown liquid underneath a modern road in Jiangsu Province city. Reportedly she was under five feet tall, dressed in silk robes, slippers, and jewellery. Both her eyes and her hair were still intact.

A Plague Pit

Where: England

When: 2015

A mass burial site suspected to contain 30 skeletons of victims of The Great Plague of 1665 was discovered by workers at London’s Crossrail Liverpool Street site. The discovery was made on the 350th anniversary of the last major plague outbreak in 1665. The skeletons were tested for traces of the plague pathogen ‘Yersinia pestis’ were five were found to have been exposed to the disease before they died. This wasn’t the only gruesome discovery construction workers found on the Crossrail project, in 2013 skeletons were found during the construction of the Elizabeth Line Station at Farringdon.

121-Year-Old Time Capsule and a Bottle of Whiskey

Where: Scotland

When: 2015

Construction workers from Morgan Sindall were working on the Ruthvern Bridge in Kingussie when they dug up a metal box, no bigger than your typical shoe box. The box contained a newspaper clipping dating back to September 1894, a paper scroll and a full bottle of whiskey. The findings promoted Morgan Sindall to work with a local primary school to create their own time capsule that will stand the test of time.

A Famous Drug Lord’s Safe

Where: USA

When:  2016

Buried under a $10 million mansion in Miami Beach a safe thought to belong to the famous Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar was discovered.  The mansion had been seized by the US government 20 years before workers on the demolition site uncovered the 50 – stone safe buried under a vault. Sadly, no information has been released about what was inside the safe.