From Staff

Management Accountant

I have been with CarmichaelUK  for over 10 years and have enjoyed my time here. I think part of the reason that I have stayed so long is that the company does care about its employees and always has an honest approach. During my employment I have had the chance to progress in my career and have been supported throughout. There is a good mix of staff, which makes an excellent working environment. The working day is busy but there is always support from the management team. Within my time at CarmichaelUK the company has grown considerably but has always maintained its core values of honesty, integrity and professionalism.


Finance Manager

CarmichaelUK are a company who invest a lot of time and effort into developing their employees and ensuring that opportunities are made available for career progression and personal development. Having worked at CarmichaelUK for nearly six years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and appreciated the opportunities that have opened up for me. There is a great working environment and friendly working atmosphere with everyone being appreciated for the contribution they make.

PR Executive

Working for CarmichaelUK challenges me in a positive way and is extremely rewarding . Staff around me are incredibly supportive and the Directors and senior managers are always present, always taking an interest in all employees and their work. There is a lot to complete in the day but the infrastructure and support mechanisms around you ensure that you can achieve everything. I would highly recommend working here as a staff member, as well as working as a candidate on a contractor basis.