From Candidates

C.Sterritt - Australia

I could not have asked for a better position on my move to the UK. I would also like to mention that I have heard excellent recommendations about you and the work that you are involved in. On more than a few occasions, explaining to other engineers and management about how quickly I was able to gain my position through CarmichaelUK – people have responded with, “Did you deal with Katie Peachey – she is one of the best there is.”

N.Gurniak - Canada

When coming over from Canada, Alexi from CarmichaelUK was the only consultant that responded to interest in finding available work. She was very easy to communicate with and was very helpful along the way. Once I had my appropriate training tickets I went in for an interview, I was very pleased with the process. Alexi was to the point and CarmichaelUK seemed like a great fit for me. It didn't take long for them to find me work that was close to where I was living and the pay was a fair rate. Alexi was a huge help in the process and conducted herself very professionally. CarmichaelUK as a company was also very professional and I was pleased at how fast they were able to find me both. I would recommend Alexi and CarmichaelUK to people looking for work in the London area.


P.Dudek - Poland

My experience with Carmichaeluk has always been good and so has been the experience of any friends or acquaintances I´ve recommended to work with Carmichaeluk. "Dedicated, professional, intelligent people” 

S.Hutchings - UK

I have had dealings with CarmichaelUK over past years, and in recent months they have helped me to secure a permanent position after being redundant for some time. The service offered by CarmichaelUK is second to none, Katie was exceptionally professional, returned all my calls and secured this role for me with the utmost efficiency. I would recommend CarmichaelUK to anyone looking for suitable employment in this field, they are a cut above the rest and Katie is a credit to the company.

A.D Mattison - UK

I would like to thank the CarmichaelUK team for all their support. Very helpful team and I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for work to sign up to your company.

C.Wiltshire - Australia

I have been working for CarmichaelUK since Aug 2004 with a brief stint back in Australia which CarmichaelUK also assisted with. Over the years their service has been excellent and the staff are more like mates. I have progressed under their guidance from chainman to sub agent and have worked on a number of high profile jobs recognized internationally such as the London Olympics and Heathrow Terminal 5.

S.Bond - UK

I have worked for CarmichaelUK on several projects since 2005, CarmichaelUK is the finest agency I have worked through in my freelance career and I keep recommending CarmichaelUK to other Engineers. Oddly enough Costain Directors refer to me as the Kiwi as I work for CarmichaelUK even though I have never been to New Zealand!