Contractor of the Month

We're pleased to announce the winner of August's Contractor of the Month Award is:


Sabina's manager, Vince, told us: "I would like to nominate Sabina as Contractor of the Month. My reasons are not about any major technical achievements but the wonderful moral boosting effect she has. The unofficial term is a ray of sunshine. She has a happy, helpful attitude and shows this to everyone she comes into contact with. She is also an exceptionally willing and hard worker, there is no jab that she will not attempt, she never has to be asked twice. I'm often requesting to send her to projects and all the team are very happy to have her as their assistant. 

Sabina has worked hard to learn all that she can, even surprising me by setting up communications between instruments and data loggers without the need for help - not something that is commonly carried out and can still confuse some trained engineers. Sabina has worked on eight sites over the year, swapping from site to site at short notice, never once complaining and even volunteering herself. 

Sabina has impressed me so much that she has been offered permanent position and placement on the new Geospatial Apprenticeship Course."

Sometimes, people working in the background don’t get the attention they deserve for their work, here is your opportunity to bring it to the front and it couldn't be easier to nominate a CarmichaelUK Contractor of The Month. Email and tell us why our contractor deserves special recognition.