Contractor of the Month

We're pleased to announce the winner of our Contractor of the Month Award is:

Jack's manager, Ross, told us: "This is my second project with Jack and he is an amazing member of the team. Beneath his calm light-hearted demeanour lies a very capable engineer and a real do’er. Nothing is too much for him and when he says “its all sorted” I know that it is. I have a lot of trust and respect for Jack that he has deservedly earned. His enormous capacity and high standard of work takes a lot of the pressure off me, he can easily churn out the work of two engineers. (I don’t tell Penelope this in case she charges me twice!) Jack communicates well with everyone including the site team, the client and within CMP Thames. He has stepped into the marine construction industry without any previous experience and adapted very quickly. There is no single occasion that stands out, its everything that he does stands out. Jack is a legend and no one gets him until I’m finished with him."