Contractor of the Month

We're pleased to announce the winner of June's Contractor of the Month Award is:

Site: Silvertown Toll Tunnel Tender

Andrew's manager, Chris, told us: "Andrew has now worked for me on two different jobs and continues to impress with his ability to take on roles outside of what he was initially employed for. As a freelance Senior Engineer, he fits seamlessly into whatever team he is dropped into and always performs well. I know that no matter what, Andrew will get the job done, either with his own skills or by making the right connections within the company to ensure work is completed"

Sometimes, people working in the background don’t get the attention they deserve for their work, here is your opportunity to bring it to the front and it couldn't be easier to nominate a CarmichaelUK Contractor of The Month. Click here or email and tell us why our contractor deserves special recognition.