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Ex-Forces & Reservists

03 October 2017

This year, over 14,000 skilled and experienced military personnel will transition out of the forces and many of them will face the same challenge; finding a new career in the wilds of civilian life. Recognising that many skills learnt in the service, can be transferred to construction, we're committed to helping of ex-forces personnel to find a new career in the industry and the response from our clients to these people has been overwhelmingly positive.

At the beginning of 2017, we met with members of the army to discuss how we can work together to help retain ex-personnel to work at our client’s sites. There are many talented people in our services and they are actively seeking work. Our association with the military will enable them to start a new career after training and means that we can present our clients with an excellent source of keen and capable candidates who want to work in the construction industry.

If you'd like to know more about our ex-forces candidates, call Richard on 0208 522 8888 or email richard.thompson@carmichaeluk.com