For CarmichaelUK the ‘health’ part of health & safety is as important as the safety of our subcontractors.

The national scheme for the management of occupational health in the construction industry is based on findings from the CBH Pilot building upon consultation with Government, the Construction Industry and Unions. The aim of which is to improve the health of the industry workforce.

Focusing on five key areas the objectives are:

  • Setting Industry Standards for both work related health issues, and competency of occupational health provision to deliver the health screening, delivering a definition of safety critical workers within the construction sector and outlining fitness for work health checks.
  • Building a construction specific knowledge portal, giving consistent advice, guidance and support in the management of health related risks
  • Centralising the collection of work related health data to ensure the future improvement of workforce health based on valid and reliable data and the provision of a ‘benchmark’ for industry
  • The transmission of data to enable employers to manage work related health risks at site level
  • A referral route through to specialists in the field of return to work and rehabilitation.