Project Update: Thames Tideway Tunnel

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Nearly 170 years after Sir Joseph Bazalgette revolutionised the way water waste flowed through London, work has begun on the new 4.2bn super sewer which is urgently needed to halt the tonnes of sewage being spilt into the tidal section of the River Thames every year.

Tideway workers have dug a hole with a 30m diameter, the same size as St Paul’s Cathedral’s dome, which marks the central point of a new 16-mile tunnel. The sewer will be split into three parts: east, central and west sections and it’s expected that Tideway will create nearly 5000 sustainable jobs and see almost 20,000 people working on the project in total. This includes aiming for one in every 50 workers to be an apprentice, one in every 100 to be an ex-offender, and to have a 50:50 male-female split on the client team.

Currently, tunneling work is well under-way and Tideway workers at the Chambers Wharf site have re-surfaced the site area and are now constructing the diaphragm walls for the shaft.  Whilst contractor teams will aim to complete the project by late 2022, the rest of the scheme’s timeline looks like this:

2017: Tunnelling begins

2019: Secondary lining begins

2021: Tunnelling ends

2022: System Commissioning begins

2023: All works completed

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