Project Update: Heathrow

The UK’s busiest airport continues to send strong signals that its future lies in it’s expansion. Its long-term plan includes a number of well-publicised projects including the overhaul of its cargo facilities, an underground passenger transit system and of course, it’s third runway which could exist as an additional runway to the north-west or an extension to the northern runway to operate as two separately. Work on that isn’t likely to begin until 2020 at the earliest but in the meantime, the airport has revealed plans to invest an extra £650m in expanding existing facilities over the course of 2019. Initial plans include the possibility of enabling works for the expansion of Terminal 2 and planning works for a new southern access tunnel for road traffic.

To help deliver these expansion plans, Heathrow’s executives have also confirmed their support for more off-site construction and will be selecting four sites to host new off-site logistics hubs which will pre-assemble components for the airport before transporting them to Heathrow.

We have already placed a number of contractors on a variety of jobs at Heathrow, for more information about the possibility of future opportunities please chat to Sam Jaffe.

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