Project Update: A14 Improvement Scheme

We are pleased to have placed a number of Engineers on this project and will have further opportunities in Cambridge, Huntingdon and Swavesy. We're particularly keen to talk to Construction Managers and Site Engineers. For more information, chat to Penelope Ware.

Work to build the improvement scheme began in November 2016, meaning the project has been in construction for just over a year and a lot has happened in that time including:

  • Building of construction compounds and haul roads

  • Work to build new bridges, including the 750m River Great Ouse viaduct, is well underway

  • The first side road bridge opened in September and the bridge near Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester will eventually carry the A1198 over the new A14 bypass

  • Excavation has begun of the project borrow pits, which provide some of the 10million m³ of material needed to build the road

  • Work has started on creating some of the 271 hectares of new wildlife habitat which forms part of the scheme

What’s next?

Work to excavate the 10 million m³ of local material needed to build the scheme will stop over the winter months as the ground will be too wet. This will resume in the Spring. Other work will continue over the winter, such as:

  • archaeological excavations

  • building bridges

  • installation of new drainage and replacing existing drainage where necessary

There’s more to come between now and completion in 2020 with further construction taking place near the A1 at Brampton which will take 18 months. Once the main stretch of the A14 is finished, it will take a further year to complete construction on roads in the Huntingdon area, including the demolition of the A14 flyover. The A14 scheme is part of the government’s £15 billion investment to improve motorways and major A roads across the country and will employ around 1,800 people and cover 22 miles. 


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