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Health & Safety

Making your Workplace Safer

Whatever sort of business you are in you can be exposed to workplace hazards. These may be loads which have to be manually handled, dangerous machinery, toxic substances, electricity, working with display screen equipment, or even psychological hazards such as stress.

The reason that there are not more accidents and diseases at work is because systems of prevention are in place to stop them. These systems have been built up over generations and are continually reviewed and refined. In 1931 H.W. Heinrich took a scientific approach to investigate how an incident could lead to a fatality. He discovered that unsafe acts can lead to minor injuries and, over time, to major injury. The safety triangle serves to illustrate Heinrich's theory of accident causation.

It is important to eliminate the unsafe acts that could potentially contribute to an accident. If these go unreported they cannot be rectified. Please take the time to report all ‘near misses’ or matters of concern through our H&S portal, or via your account manager. All reports will be treated confidentially and action will be taken where appropriate.

Could a near miss you see today lead to an injury tomorrow?

The next time it happens it could happen to you! Complete the online form below for 'near misses'.

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