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Health and Safety

30 August 2016

Health & Safety at CarmichaelUK

The health and safety of our contractors is a top priority for the Directors of CarmichaelUK.  We want to make sure that all of our contractors work in an environment where safety is absolutely the main concern.

We use independent and in-house health and safety consultants to audit our client’s sites on a regular basis to satisfy ourselves that the site is safe for our contractors to carry out their duties.

We carry out robust compliance checks on all of our contractors to ensure that they are competent to work on site and that all of their safety critical certifications are valid.

Our health & safety portal, Caution is available to all our working candidates. This portal enables our contractors to report any concerns and near misses whilst on site confidentially.  At CarmichaelUK we act on all information received.

We  also provide guidance to our candidates and staff on health and safety via our “Remember Charlie” health and safety video. Additionally, we provide a bespoke Health & Safety booklet to reinforce their understanding. 

We have retained health & safety advisors who regularly audit our clients’ sites on our behalf. They provide a report and advice on any areas where improvements could be made, so that we can liaise with clients where appropriate.  

We also occasionally undertake random D&A tests to audit compliance with our health & safety policy.

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