Over 850,000 people are undertaking apprenticeships right now, earning a living while learning a trade at the same time. As the construction industry continues to become more diverse, you’ll find there are more opportunities than ever before! From school leavers to adults, apprenticeships are suitable for people of all ages and from all walks of life and could really kick start your career.

An apprenticeship is a real job and a great way to enjoy a successful start in work. As well as learning the skills and gaining the qualifications you want, you’ll also gain confidence and the chance to learn while earning. Watch our short video to find out more. 

Why become an Apprentice?

The main advantage of an apprenticeship is that you can earn a salary whilst gaining industry specific qualifications. Also, they allow you to build the foundations for a career. There are over 100 different apprenticeships in construction ranging from hands-on jobs like groundworks, carpentry and drivers to more technical, planning, or supervisory roles. Other key benefits to becoming an apprentice include:

  • One-to-one training with a reputable employer
  • No student loans or debts
  • Opportunity to build your professional network
  • Learn industry specific skills in a practical setting
  • Result in a professional qualification

What next?

If you’re ready to take the next step, we want to hear from you! An apprenticeship with one of our clients will give you solid foundations for a rewarding career in construction. For more information nd to tell us about the kind of work you’d like to do, send Laura an email.

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